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   Thistle Editing is a service for writers all over the world to have their: manuscripts, short stories, blog posts or articles professionally edited and polished for publication. Our mission is to make sure every client is fully satisfied with their final product. We work with each writer to ensure quality and perfection.
    Our services are designed for writers who are having developmental/conceptual issues, want to improve their work or have finished their writing project and want to have it professionally polished and edited before sending it out into the world.
   Whatever your writing needs are, Thistle Editing is here to help and ensure your success. 

To start: email us a synopsis of your work, word count, the genre and the medium of publication (print or web).

Please note: we are not currently accepting poetry submissions.


   The team at Thistle Editing are passion fueled, and we offer a superpower service that aligns with writers' demands, dreams and aspirations. We use our experience and expertise to boost our clients to the next level in publishing.     

   Having our clients succeed is our goal.      Our reward is seeing our clients published;
whether they're writing for traditional publication, self-publication, for a blog, a print or e-magazine or something else completely - we want to help!


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Founded by Alexander Cameron at the closing of 2017, Thistle Editing is based in the historic Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. Our staff is made up of freelance writers, editors and other publishing professionals with years of experience working in the book publishing industry. At Thistle Editing, we guarantee to provide outstanding service and quality work for every one of our clients.

We, at Thistle Editing, understand how stressful publishing is for writers because most of us are writers ourselves. We are here for you every step of the way to ensure you are excited about your finished product and eager to publish your work.


Your success is our victory!



“A pleasure to work with and a wonderful asset to me in editing my book. They are very professional, intelligent and responsive. They are proactive in making a number of suggestions about additional material that would help me reach my target audience. It’s clear that Thistle Editing cares about the success of their clients.”

Alex has been so wonderfully helpful in my writing process and has provided me with impeccable service! To top it off, he's splendidly personable, encouraging, and an absolute dream to work with! I'll definitely be utilizing his skills again in the future!

Absolutely impeccable service and competitive pricing. Alexander is a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!

  “I want to thank you again, Alex, for the great service you are providing. Your work is fantastic. Thank you once again. If not for you, I would have yet remained in the dark.”




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